Independent services in wildlife, ornithology, land, people and the countryside

ALCnature & AlanLauderConsulting provide independent services and advice on biodiversity, ornithology, habitats, land-use, policy & countryside issues. We develop and carry out projects and provide advisory and research services to private, state and NGO clients.

Alan Lauder, owner and principal consultant, is an ornithologist, ecologist, conservation & land management specialist and has worked in state and NGO conservation organisations across the UK and Ireland since 1986. Alan, along with a team of staff and associates, provides project and advice services across Ireland, the UK and internationally. Services provided include:

  • Habitat, land-use and wildlife management projects
  • Ornithological research, survey, monitoring
  • Ecological survey & assessment services
  • Biodiversity audit and planning
  • Policy advice & development
  • Ornithological skills training
  • Wildlife tourism & access development
  • Wildlife-based communications
  • Strategic planning for organisations & business related to wildlife, environment, land and people
  • GIS mapping 

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